Pedram Nimreezi

Pedram Nimreezi

My name is Pedram Nimreezi, I’m an expert in computers and martial arts. Having started both when I was 5, I stuck to it for 3 decades. My IT skills are in advanced high availability distributed systems, enterprise software, integration, architecture, web development, and self-regulating autonomous systems.

My interests are in machine learning, computer vision, robotics, control theory, cyber security and physical security. I have experience and a high degree of expertise in these and overlapping areas, and enjoy outsmarting problems and the situations that create them. I’m a good person to meet when that happens. I was one of the designers of the first Hybrid High availability Dedicated/Cloud network infrastructure at Rackspace over 7 years ago and have kept up with the latest advances in the design of secure systems that cannot go down, which offer 99.999999% uptime (considered a world best).
For over a year I have been active in Code for America and participate in Code for Miami and Code for Fort Lauderdale events, the most recent being in disaster tech.

I’m always interested in improving operational control , and have become something of an expert over the past few years in Cybernetic systems which simply put is about building systems which interconnect and adapt to produce enviroments that are actually aware of themselves as a system.

I can provide knowledgeable help covering nearly all related aspects of: design, development, analysis, security, optimization, testing, simulation, integration, quality assurance, debugging, or just figuring out why a computer is doing something.

Additionally I am proficient in many software authoring environments and understand procedural, functional, and object oriented language methodologies.

I strive to design systems that I would use and are at the very least secure.

Member of
Computer Technology Association
South Florida Tech Alliance
Code for America
Open-source Work and Contributions

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